Asahi’s Australian subsidiary Victoria Bitter has taken a step towards sustainability by enabling customers to earn a pint of solar energy through the blockchain.

According to an announcement on Wednesday, Victoria Bitter has partnered with the main energy company, Power Ledger, on the blockchain to launch a new program that allows members to replace excess solar power with beer bars.

“The only thing better than drinking Big Cold Beer in the Australian sun is serving beer while you do it. Plus, it’s a real benefit for both beer and environmental lovers,” said Brian Fan, General Manager of Marketing at Victoria Bitter.

The new Solar Exchange program allows customers to track how much beer they have acquired based on the number of solar credits exchanged with Victoria Bitter. “Every $ 30 of credit can be exchanged for a record, which will then be delivered straight to your door,” the company said in a statement.

Power Ledger founder Jimma Green explained that their blockchain platform will be responsible for tracking how much electricity consumers are getting on the grid. “You can see how many bottles of beer I served every 30 minutes,” said Green. Through the solar energy loans obtained under the program, Victoria Bitter will invest it back into the program or to meet the company’s broader sustainability goals.

Power Ledger offers peer-to-peer energy trading services based on blockchain technology. Last year, the company began rolling out a blockchain-based solar platform in Western Australia, allowing users to track energy consumption and sell excess solar energy to other residents.

Source: CoinTelegraph