Australia’s largest operator of national opposition infrastructure, Efptos, has been announced as a new member of Hedera’s board of directors.

Eftpos will be not only the seventeenth board member, but also Hedera’s first contract operator in Australia. Other board members include Google, IBM, Boeing and Deutsche Telekom.

Electronic Point of Sale Transfer (EFTPOS) is a form of payment technology used worldwide, but it is also a trademark of the private system used for such payments in Australia and New Zealand.

Stephen Benton, CEO of Eftpos, characterized Hedera’s growing commitment as a key component of his innovative digital payments strategy and predicted that small payments using cryptography would lead to positive changes in the Australian economy:

“We are excited to be involved in the development of the next generation of micropayment technology that can open up entirely new ways of doing business for Australian companies and give Australian consumers new experiences,” he said.

The news follows last year’s successful proof of concept for micropayments from Eftpos and Hedera, with an initiative to try a hassle-free sub-switch using the Eftpos API and the stable Hedera AUD. Residence Eftpo businessman Rob Allen said:

“By combining the new Eftpos API infrastructure with a dedicated wallet, digital ID and AU $ -based stablecoin using Hedera’s ultra-fast, secure and cost-effective distributed network, the PoC goals were clearly achieved.”
“The use of such cases is simply impossible in other public blockchains. Together with several partners, we are currently exploring the various use cases that this group of technologies allows, as well as the marketing potential, ”Allen added.

Manz Harmon, CEO and co-founder of Hedera Hashgraph, predicts the collaboration between Eftpos and other board members will make “small payments and other innovative economic models a reality for millions of consumers and billions of IoT devices” in Australia.

Over the past year, Hedera has expanded its presence in Australia by launching a government-sponsored supply chain tracking platform on Hashgraph Hedera in September.

Source: CoinTelegraph