Augmented reality artist Sutu is teaming up with Canadian DJ and producer Deadmau5 to design a 30-second interactive soundtrack next week as an unchanging icon. The video, titled In Titan’s Light, is a 30-second episode paired with an excerpt from SATRN’s Deadmau5 track.

Sutu has worked with features such as the virtual reality version of The Distracted Globe, an 80s Ready Player One nightclub, and has worked with artists such as John Legend and The Weeknd at virtual wave parties. Describes the scene as “a golden death room 5 bathing in the twilight of Titan’s moon” as it orbits Saturn.

Sutu explains, “I took a more peripheral part of the track, not some noise that can be annoying if you hear it a thousand times, but still has an epic selection with a Blade Runner style. … “The synthesis of collapse really reminds us of Vangelis.

Soto suggests that, despite this aesthetic, it is a “truly optimistic specimen” inspired by space science, which he compares to “new frontiers … of the art of coding and NFT.”

The technical work of NFT was a breakthrough year when record prices fell when collectors realized the value of a 1/1 edition with a sustainable source on the Ethereum blockchain.

One year ago, melduARTE digital photos were sold on SuperRare for 11,536 ETH, or about $ 1644 at the time. There was a record sale on the platform with non-refundable tokens during a week, where about $ 44,000 was sold.

SuperRare could generate over $ 100,000 in sales in one day these days, and record prices for NFT art continue to fall – Satoshi Nakamoto sold for 27.5 ETH in June, beating Matt Kane’s programmable Right Place & Right Output 262 ETH ($ 101,000). in September. Another asynchronous work of art, EthBoy, returned the crown to Jones and his employee Alotta Money in November when the 260 ETH rate was $ 141,536.

Although this article is unique, Sutu believes that NFTs have broader commercial implications. “I think digital artists had to be media artists because we did not have a way to sell our work in purely digital form,” he says. “But things are different when it’s digital authenticity, and it’s a piece the audience can actually own.”

Sutu believes that despite the news about digital art tracking trackchain, there is still great potential for innovation. “I can imagine a future where you can play a song, and the artwork will interact with that song in a certain way … Maybe it has to do with the artist’s catalog, and the music opens a new perspective on this work of art. to be the voice of the person who controls the art. What will I do next. ”

The teaser for the play only shows a snapshot of the video in 30 seconds, but anyone familiar with Fritz Lang or Ridley Scott will immediately recognize the visual in action. Bridges and beams, a cross between steam and encryption, with a vertical section indicating the ambition of the galaxy. Perhaps behind the sweet and (hopefully) good-natured character of deadmau5 is Saturn V, which is all written about.

Describing the project, “moment by moment, one of the first collaborative NFT projects between a creative musician and a visual artist,” Soto believes that the end user of the piece could be an electronic music fan or perhaps a collector. . who understands the importance of the play. “I hope he just loves art,” he says.

Source: CoinTelegraph