Coinbase is in the spotlight when Bitcoin (BTC) rose to $ 41,000 after recovering slightly after more than $ 40,000 on Thursday.

The US cryptocurrency exchange is notorious for serious connectivity issues during periods of peak trading activity. In fact, this unrest has prevented traders from taking advantage of the rise in prices and thus making it impossible for them to make a profit and come back.

As Cointelegraph recently reported, Coinbase acquired Routefire, a platform to improve trading performance, as part of an effort to better manage peak periods of cryptocurrency trading.

At the time of release, Coinbase has not yet reported any connectivity issues through its exchange platforms. According to the status page, the company has identified and addressed the reason for Thursday’s disruption of the service.

Coinbase is not the only major exchange that has problems with Bitcoin prices rising. Binance is also usually turned off when BTC shows significant price gains. Commenting on the issue in December 2020, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, noted that a 5% increase in bitcoin prices is often accompanied by a 30-fold increase in trading volumes, which can cause significant waiting problems on the platform.

Bitcoin’s rise above the $ 41,000 price tag places BTC among the top 10 global assets with a market value that surpasses technical conglomerates such as Facebook and Tencent. Apart from Tesla, Bitcoin must overcome a market value of 1 trillion dollars to overtake such as Google and Amazon.

Source: CoinTelegraph