While the cryptocurrency area has seen explosive growth over the past decade, the asset class still has little value compared to regular markets, especially when faced with giants such as Apple.

Apple (AAPL) has a staggering market value of $ 2 trillion, surpassing all speculative capital in the entire crypto space, which CoinMarketCap says is only $ 342.8 billion at the time of publication.

The cryptocurrency industry grew out of the concept in 2008, with the launch of the Bitcoin White Paper, to the placement of billions of dollars invested. Bitcoin itself has grown from less than $ 1 per coin to $ 20,000 at a full-time high, with a market value of around $ 194 billion at the time of publication.

However, the entire industry still makes up a small fraction of Apple’s total inventory; The market value of the blockchain industry as a whole may triple and still fall below Apple’s market value.

The technology company, known for its smartphone revolution, currently has the largest market value in the US stock market, according to TradingView. “This is the first US company with a market value of $ 2 trillion to be released for public circulation,” Apple told CNBC at a briefing on August 19.

At the time of publication, Bitcoin itself has reached Jeff Bezos’ net worth. In recent months, he has amassed enormous wealth in terms of the total value of the US dollar.

Source: CoinTelegraph