Celebrity and podcast publisher Adam Curry has described the importance of Bitcoin (BTC) by author and comedian Joe Rogan. He realized the importance of assets in an internet world that thrives on the sale of personal information, banking and centralized control.

“The end of the world is approaching, and you need a bitcoin – at least one,” Curry said in an interview with Rogan on September 8. “Are you a bitcoin seller, Adam Curry?” Rogan responded by first delaying because of the comment.

“I was so opposed to Bitcoin that I sold most things, like $ 900,” Curry said, noting that he bought a lot of assets in the early days. He said, “I got it for free,” and added, “People gave it to me in the beginning, and I refused.” He then mentioned the industry’s progress over the past decade, including mentioning alternative currencies.

Rogan responded by opening an old snake board. Curry asked why Bitcoin remains number one among thousands of other cryptocurrencies, and wondered if another asset could come before the asset’s attention.

“Ten years of data have shown that Bitcoin is the only currency you can really trust,” Curry said, referring to the asset’s resistance to hacking and its innovative technical setup.

There has been a lot of talk about volatility – digital assets have surpassed Bitcoin’s market value – over the years, but no assets have yet reached such a milestone.

Source: CoinTelegraph