The Associated Press publishes the results of the US presidential election on November 3 on the Ethereum and EOS blockchain.

As mentioned on the developer’s site describing how to access the AP Choice API, results are always recorded on the blockchain by Everipedia OraQle.

While the results are also naturally published on the AP’s website, the blockchain-based use of Everipedia provides a non-tampered and continuous number of calls per case upon entry.

The AP has also released an Ethereum smart contract title so readers can use block explorers like Etherscan to track results as they become available.

However, a more intuitive version of the results, which combines results for all currently required conditions, is available via the EOS AP account on

The US election in 2020 is among the most controversial in decades, with little or no results in major struggling nations. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, nearly 100 million votes were cast early, by mail or in person, alarming incumbent President Donald Trump.

The cryptocurrency world is interested in knowing who will be the next president of the United States and how that will affect the markets.

However, it could take days or weeks before a final judgment is made. Trump has already made controversial allegations of election fraud by sending ballot papers. Earlier in the day, he threatened to appeal to the Supreme Court to stop the vote count.

Source: CoinTelegraph