Details about the previous Electrum wallet hack appeared after a massive theft of 1400 Bitcoins (BTC), which had been under the title a few days ago.

A Github user named Cryptbtcaly wrote on the social network on August 31: “I had a similar situation two months ago.” The user claimed that someone stole 36.5 BTC from one of the wallet addresses. Finally, BTC was reportedly distributed to five different addresses.

“Some stolen bitcoins went to Binance,” cryptbtcaly added, “but they ignored my requests and will not return.”

Details of a major hack emerged on August 30, when another Githubber reported that 1400 BTC was missing from the Electrum wallet. It appears that thieves or thieves also used the Binance account, according to the crypto company N-chain. Until the last hack, it was reported that the victim had not used the specified Electrum wallet for almost three years.

Using data from Crystal Blockchain, Cointelegraph traces the same Binance wallet that was linked to a 5 BTC withdrawal in January 2018. However, the comments of a Binance representative listed the character string as a transaction mark, not a title. A Transaction ID spokesperson, or TXID, said it included more than 75 addresses, without connecting it to a single Binance customer.

A phishing attack also affected Electrum users in December 2018, although it is currently unclear whether the incident was related to the current hack.

Source: CoinTelegraph