A week has passed. Whether or not the policy is good this week depends on your outlook, but if you’ve been sticking with Bitcoin, it sure has been good. The rate has risen more than 8.5% in the past seven days. It’s now over $ 14,000 and has spent over $ 10,000 in 100 days. This causes some experts to anticipate a new leap forward. Others expect positive results in 2016. Then the pre-election stability period gave way to a meeting. The next resistance level might be $ 17,000. Will Bitcoin get there? Much depends on how much he fell first.

Whales seem quite optimistic. On Election Day, 58861 BTC was withdrawn by Binance. That’s roughly $ 816 million. This could have been the result of an agreement, but it could also have prepared the whales for higher prices. Additionally, for the first time since 2015, nearly $ 1 billion has been deducted from the Silk Road wallet. This could be the result of a hack.

But Paypal is optimistic about Bitcoin’s future. The company increases its weekly purchase limits from $ 10,000 to $ 15,000. And the coin has won a new friend in the US Senate. Republican Cynthia Loomis won the race for Wyoming. Lammis first bought Bitcoin in 2013 and sees the digital currency as a safe store of value.

However, Bitcoin isn’t the only one doing well. The technology behind this is also increasing. The Associated Press used the blockchain to publish the election results, and made sure that the numbers could not be hacked. Andrew Bragg, Australian Senator, touts blockchain technology as a way to facilitate economic compliance. Gibraltar joined the Global Blockchain Business Council as an observer member. The British Overseas Territory joins a council in more than 50 countries and plans to promote blockchain use across the island. In Bangladesh, a local HSBC branch completed the country’s first blockchain-based international trade finance transaction. It took less than a day to process your digital credit note. Without a blockchain, this would take five to ten days.

Bitcoin and blockchain may increase, but the DeFi markets are starting out sharply. Ethereum fees are reduced. But Electroneum gets up and frolic. The encrypted payment network is celebrating its third anniversary. He is looking to expand the use of ETN token and expand the AnyTask concert platform.

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Source: CoinTelegraph