On January 12, Bitcoin (BTC) price bounced back slightly when price attempted to enter the $ 37,000 series, but at time of writing, increased sales have brought the price back to the $ 32,000 mark.

While the downward price movement has shocked new investors who are unaware of Bitcoin’s volatility, the recent 28% decline does not place it on the list of the 5 worst Bitcoin drops in history. In fact, today’s 20% rebound represents one of the largest one-day bounces in Bitcoin ever.

Despite Bitcoin’s rapid 20% rebound, many analysts have expressed caution, warning that the main cryptocurrency has not yet gone out of business due to high levels of funding in the futures market and the growing strength of the US Dollar Index (DXY).

Long-term and institutional-grade investors appear to be unaffected by the correction and probably think this is nothing more than a short-term exit.

Goldman Sachs analysts pointed out that the recent development is a sign that “the market is beginning to mature” and that the sector has great potential for growth thanks to institutional participation, which is only 1% of the current market.

Promotions seeking support
While bitcoins and altcoins recovered well, traditional markets continued to be under pressure due to the possibility of continued political unrest in the United States and concerns over the economic impact of new COVID-19 restrictions.

Signs of a stronger dollar are pushing global financial markets across the globe, with some analysts warning that a strong dollar will hurt bitcoin’s price.

Major indices were under pressure during the day and closed in different directions, while the S&P 500 and the Dow rose slightly 0.04% and 0.19%, respectively, and the Nasdaq closed 0.08% lower.

Altcoins Show Strength As Bitcoin Tries To Find A New Marketplace
Bitcoin now appears to be entering a new area with $ 30,000 support and $ 35,000 resistance. When this happens, some alternative currencies go up and traders are taking advantage of Bitcoin’s stability by switching to altcoins.

Ether (ETH) is back above $ 1,000 and altcoin is trading at $ 1,050 at the time of writing. Stellar (XLM) also rebounded well on Tuesday as digital assets surged 22.16%.

The DeFi sector continued to show strength as the Corporate Governance Code (MKR) rose more than 31%. Synthetix (SNX) and AAVE were also up 23% as both surged to new highs for the year.

The total market value of the cryptocurrency is now $ 924.5 billion and Bitcoin’s dominance rate is 68.4%.

Source: CoinTelegraph