AI is taking crypto trading to a whole new level. This is how


The past few months have been tough for the crypto market – Bitcoin has posted consecutive losses for an unprecedented number of weeks.

The current downturn explains why traders need sophisticated tools in order to stay ahead of the game, says the decentralized independent organization behind the AI-powered DeFi crypto wallet.

SingularityDAO’s flagship product, DynaSets, underwent closed beta testing between December and March – and now, testing continues in an open environment.

Towards the end of June, V1 will be officially launched, and will be complemented by a major overhaul of its user interface – giving DynaSets customers an intuitive experience aligned with vibrant brands.

While only a long trading strategy was used during the beta phase, the team will roll out options to short the market and apply leverage to trades when V1 is launched.

After closing the beta, all three DynaSets beat the market by more than 15%, outperforming many of the leading crypto funds. Although the current open beta is not out yet, the numbers enhance the effectiveness of dynamic collections and their ability to protect holdings during bear markets.

Marcelo Mari, CEO of SingularityDAO, told Cointelegraph: “Current market conditions clearly demonstrate the need for decentralized AI-powered asset management solutions to support decision-making.

“This should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford and access enterprise level trading tools. The results of DynaSets are very encouraging and show us that we are on the right track, especially in light of the advanced V1 software.”

Access is an important issue, especially in the world of digital assets, which is designed to be a level playing field where regular investors enjoy the same opportunities as those with millions of dollars in the bank.

How it works?
SingularityDAO says its dynamic asset manager is powered by AI — monitoring trends in the market and managing assets. DynaSet transactions are grouped together to ensure that users end up spending less on transaction fees.

Other features include staking, not to mention the untethered staking program which means that users can withdraw their tokens at any time. While this last feature may not offer the biggest rewards, it can provide much-needed time and flexibility relief given the turmoil we’re seeing in the market right now.

Elsewhere, Launchpad’s SingularityDAO showcases only the best new products – from within its own ecosystem as well as interesting external concepts, too.

More information from SINGULARITYDAO here
Being neutral in the chain
Over time, SingularityDAO says it has the ambition to become chain neutral – giving users the freedom to connect with any chain they wish. This is a much-needed boost when it comes to interoperability, eliminating the silos that have emerged in the blockchain world.

Looking to the future, the DeFi dashboard will ensure that users can benefit from “advanced insights” in their wallets — separating signal from noise and uncovering trends that other data platforms may have missed. Knowledge is power, and bear markets are discovering new challenges for investors vying to protect their capital.

In May 2022, SingularityNET and SingularityDAO secured a $24 million commitment with LDA Capital Limited as they move to accelerate their product roadmap and ensure wider adoption of AI tools. Announcing the figures was cited that the global artificial intelligence software market is set to reach $126 billion by 2025.

DynaSet set to launch on BNB chain by end of June – and as we approach Q3 this year, an AI robotic DynaSet is set to launch for the first time, automatically rebalancing tokens using trading bots while ensuring human traders stay informed at all times . DynaSets will also debut on EVM-compatible blockchains such as Avalanche.



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