After Citi reported that Microstrategy had downgraded its business intelligence rating to sell, analysts at popular marketplace Motley Fool recommended a lesser-known banking exchange that also focuses on cryptocurrencies.

Last Tuesday, Citi analyst Tyler ditched Rudke Microstrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) strategy shortly after the company announced a debt purchase, which increased its bitcoin assets to nearly $ 1 billion.

The report criticized the company, which sometimes saw stock prices more than triple the annual low of $ 92, for its “disproportionate” focus on increasing its bitcoins, saying the current range is “too large.”

However, in today’s short article, Motley Fool analysts suggested that the little-known and little-known crypto-focused capital Silvergate Capital (NYSE: SI) might be worth looking for traders eager to take advantage of the next cryptocurrency game.

Silvergate – a bank in La Jolla, California with over $ 2 billion in assets under management – boasts an impressive list of cryptocurrency companies as clients, including Coinbase, Paxos, Circle, Gemini and Polychain Capital.

Motley Fool shareholders Matt Frankel and Justin Moser cited the bank’s 21-year dividend, $ 50 million in Bitcoin ledgers, and a credit book that mostly contained commercial mortgages. Both analysts also recommend the bank as a great investment for identifying BTC.

An earlier article by Motley Fool earlier this week also drew attention to the cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure Silvergate has built for its clients – the Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN). SEN acts as a 24/7 broker between stock exchanges and their institutional clients who buy and sell cryptocurrency, unlike regular banks, which will be limited to regular opening hours. SEN has reportedly liquidated over $ 100 billion since its inception.

SI currently has a price-earnings ratio of 36.69, offering a dividend of 10.36%, an increase of nearly 100% over the year.

Silvergate and Microstrategy are not the only blockchain listed stocks that are generating heightened investor interest. And mining giant Riot Blockchain is in disarray after appointing new board members.

Source: CoinTelegraph