A wallet and payment ecosystem gives users full control of their digital assets


The wallet and payment system is easy to use and gives users complete control over a vital component that is lacking in the current Web3 landscape. User experience has been a sore point when it comes to connecting the worlds of traditional and decentralized finance. Many people express frustration with the complex nature of cryptocurrency wallets and their applications. For many applications, the user was an afterthought. Even basic landing page experiences and design suffered from a lack of consideration or attention to detail.

To make matters worse, users are faced with a choice between self-guarding wallets, which require deep technical knowledge, and easy-to-use custodial applications that require them to give up ownership of coins and keys.

User experience first will help with long-term adoption
Projects are starting to realize that they need to put the user at the forefront and deliver a seamless experience. Divi Wallet is one example of an organization leading the way when it comes to providing an excellent user-first approach to their platform.

Developed to provide a smooth and intuitive experience, Divi Wallet supports more than 270 coins and allows users to easily manage their wallets directly. Divi Wallet launches the latest set of features for its user community, where they can buy, exchange and store crypto with ERC-20 support.

Offering a wallet experience that is familiar and matches users’ expectations is the first step in building trust with regular users. The Divi Project has a tagline, “Cryptography Made Easy”. The team sticks to this motto when creating apps, releasing features, and introducing new users to their platform. They want to ensure that users are in control of their cryptocurrency and enjoy the benefits of decentralized finance without any barriers that might have a negative impact on the overall user experience. Divi’s self-guarded mobile wallet is easy to use and also allows users to maintain complete control over their coins and keys.

More information about DIVI Wallet here
Simplifying the complexities of a fragmented crypto ecosystem is challenging, but the Divi Project aims to shape the landscape and make their applications easy to navigate. Divi Labs has partnered with PrimeTrust to provide in-flight access and exit. Wallet users can buy BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT and USDC using credit or debit card, wire transfer and via select US bank accounts.

“All the pieces are now put in place to make DIVI as accessible and usable as possible. This release is the culmination of years of hard work, coordination, perseverance and consistency by the team. The funny thing is that everyone sees this as a major catalyst for growth, and while I agree, I would like I would argue that this sets up the infrastructure required for growth.” Nick Sabonaro, CEO of Divi Labs, says, “A catalyst is something no one would expect.

The importance of improving the user experience for newcomers to the crypto world cannot be understated. If a newcomer gets a negative first impression, companies are more likely to lose it. Wallets like Divi Wallet provide basic and easy-to-use applications that help bridge the gap between TradeFi and DeFi, allowing more users to learn about how the crypto world works and how to take advantage of new opportunities in the space.

Bringing cryptocurrency to football fans
In May 2022, Divi launched the new wallet features with its partner LaLiga during a halftime show at a match in Sydney. To help celebrate the first time the Spanish football giants played in Australia, the company has prepared surprises for the crowd at the stadium.



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