It is the differences in access to information and data analysis technologies that give institutional players an edge over ordinary retail investors in the digital asset area.

The core idea of ​​Markets Pro, the cryptocurrency information platform Cointelegraph, supported by the market research firm TIE, is to counteract the asymmetry in information that permeates the cryptocurrency markets.

Markets Pro bridges the gap with two world-class features: VORTECS quantitative results and NewsQuake urgent alerts.

The first is an algorithmic comparison of several key market indicators for each currency with historical data over the years, which allows you to assess whether the future forecast for that asset is bullish, bearish or neutral at any given time, given the historical history of price movement.

NewsQuakes ™ are automatic alerts powered by an artificial intelligence system that monitors thousands of information sources and delivers potential market impact news to participants, often in seconds.

None of these tools are forecasting tools. The results of both VORTECS ‘and NewsQuakes’ are designed to alert traders that something has just happened, which reliably conveys real estate prices in the past. This is why a good Markets Pro chart is one that shows events happening in the right order and at the right time: an indicator appears first, and then the price movement is tracked.

In the last couple of days, we’ve seen a number of typical scenarios that illustrate classic Markets Pro market performance.

RUNE: VORTECS ™ rises, the price is coming soon.
June 13 did not start as a particularly lucky day for those who have invested in THORChain (RUNE) and want to win some. The coin was down and dropped from $ 9 two days ago to just over $ 7.

However, the VORTECS for result for the currency was stable in the green zone (bullish), sometimes in danger of turning dark green (certainly bullish).

While most traders only saw what was on the surface – the poor performance of the coin – Markets Pro members had access to a broader overview. Although the price development is not promising, market conditions remain historically favorable for RUNE, which indicates the possibility that the fall may be worth buying.

Just before noon, the RUNE VORTECS opp lineup answered over 80%, announcing a draw that began six hours later. As the price rose, it rose from $ 7 to a peak of $ 10.34 twenty-five hours later.

It can also be seen from the graph that the fuel for the rally came from NewsQuake ™, which was discovered two hours before refueling. While investment firm Qi Capital’s announcement of a donation to RUNE certainly provided impetus, it is unlikely to actually trigger a mega-pump: as shown by a series of strong VORTECS results, RUNE’s breakthrough was primarily supported by good overall prospects. first.

KNC: news of partnership with Polygon shakes market
Major announcements that promise more liquidity for the DeFi sector are usually a boon for the currencies involved. When the Kyber Protocol Group announced the launch of its first $ 30 million liquidity recovery reward program on Polygon and Ethereum, the market rewarded the KNC token with a pump of $ 1.78 to $ 2.06 (up 16%) over 8 hours.

However, the impact of the news began to wane almost as fast as it began, so only those who responded quickly were allowed to enjoy themselves at the profit table. A safe way to secure the site was to receive NewsQuake rød (red circle on the graph) notifying users of the collaboration. Alerts were sent to Markets Pro a few minutes after the trade was announced, but before the KNC price began to rise.

Source: CoinTelegraph