On September 11th, Sotcho’s regional head of government offered residents a blockchain-based voting platform and praised the recent influx of events related to cryptocurrencies across the country.

According to UpDown Korea, Cho Eun Hee, head of the local government in one of the most prosperous regions of Seoul, believes that now is the “right time” to start using blockchain technology “so that every citizen can easily express their opinions.”

A Seocho spokesperson urged the country to play a more active role in our “rapidly changing modern society” after the coronavirus pandemic, describing the recent decentralized innovation as the “fourth industrial revolution”.

If his proposal becomes a reality, it will be the first blockchain platform in the country to allow residents to tackle local political issues.

Chu also mentioned that blockchain technology is most “suited to renewing democracy”:

“In the future, we are planning to implement direct democracy that everyone can trust through the effective implementation of the blockchain to prevent security and counterfeiting, and for this purpose, many institutions will participate, such as the Blockchain Academy that combines blockchain and management, and top smart procedures. Implemented …”

The government official believes that the boycott efforts could form “the basis for a nationwide blockchain application” in the country, and that such a platform could allow residents to participate in secure political discussions.

In April, Deputy Strategy and Finance Minister Ku Joon Chol said the blockchain market represented a “golden opportunity” for the country. He also required private companies across South Korea to take advantage of this potential.

Source: CoinTelegraph