Large Bitcoin (BTC) transactions are transferred from Huobi cryptocurrency exchanges to OKEx, although the latter has temporarily closed cryptocurrencies.

According to cryptocurrency tracking service Whale Alert, only 1,995 BTC ($ 22.5 million) were sent from Huobi to OKEx shortly after OKEx officially announced the suspension of the draw on October 16.

Funds were transferred in two separate BTC transactions worth 998 BTC ($ 11.3 million) and 997 BTC ($ 11.3 million) at 03:51 EST and 06:22 EST, respectively.

The transfers raise some questions as 1.995 BTC is now locked onto the platform due to the platform temporarily blocking cryptocurrency withdrawals. One of the coding community commented on Twitter: “The man is going in the opposite direction.” Others suggested that the problem may be the result of pending BTC transactions.

Huobi transactions bring a large chunk of Bitcoin to OKEx’s total BTC balance. According to exchange ranking, based on BTC balance, there are now a total of 276,184 BTC in OKEx cold vaults, hot deposit portfolios. At the time of publication, only 6,269 BTC had left OKEx in the past 24 hours.

Earlier in the day, Chinese media reported that OKEx founder Star Xu had been questioned by police a week ago.

Source: CoinTelegraph