The recent rise of Chainlink (LINK) has produced unconventional results – 100% “in the money” or profitable.

This metric simply represents a comparison between the current price of an asset and the price at which it was purchased. If the current price is higher then it is “in money”, if it is lower then it is “out of money”, and if it is the same then it is “in money.”

Litecoin – 47%, Bitcoin – 90%
According to secret service company IntoTheBlock, the full offering of LINK code is currently “in the money.” For reference, around 90% of the supply of Bitcoin (BTC) is currently in money and only 47% of the supply of Litecoin (LTC).

The question is how can 100% of the titles be “with money” at the same time? This is unusual for any asset and is only partially explained by the equivalent height of the asset. Every deal needs a seller and a buyer, so in theory, some headlines should be “at money price”.

Alfredo Terrero, COO and Co-Founder, IntoTheBlock stated:

“Since LINK has reached an all-time high, there will be a very small percentage of users who have bought on the sidelines, that is, at ATH. These addresses are usually exchanged and are not statistically significant, so they are not reflected in the index.”

It’s easy to explain the Bull Run in Chainlink. She has announced a number of partnerships, integrations and milestones. The project has also just announced a grant program to provide funding for projects that will help usher in an era in which smart contracts are “the dominant form of digital agreements.”

Source: CoinTelegraph