According to Glassnode, a cryptocurrency analytics data provider, a significant portion of the total Bitcoin (BTC) supply has not moved in over 10 years.

During this ten-year interval, 1.8 million bitcoins (of the current 18.5 million) were seized from inactive bitcoin addresses. According to Coin360, the total value at the time of publication is over $ 23 billion.

Most of these coins may belong to the mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, who disappeared from society in 2011. Nakamoto can own over a million of these intact assets that are supposedly lost forever.

Despite a large number of downturns, some previously unused bitcoins began to move in May. A wallet with coins from February 2009 suddenly sent 50 BTC to two different addresses without warning or explanation. Later, people in the blockchain community suggested three main scenarios: perhaps these currencies belonged to the family of the late crypto-scientist Hal Finney, one of the early developers of Marty Malmi, or perhaps Satoshi Nakamoto himself. Speculation is largely denied by stakeholders, with the exception of Nakamoto, who remains evasive.

Source: CoinTelegraph