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What is a golden cross pattern and how does it work?

Before discussing the golden cross, let's discuss its primary component known as moving averages (MAs). A moving average records the average change in the price...

SBF ‘didn’t like’ decentralized Bitcoin — ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood

As the legal fallout from the FTX collapse continues, bitcoin loyalists give Bankman-Fried a little sympathy. Now firmly among them, ARK's Wood hasn't minced its...

Bitcoin options data shows bulls aiming for $17K BTC price by Friday’s expiry

Price action gave bears the false impression that an expiration of options below $15,500 on December 9 was a possibility, but these bets are...

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Twitter adds BTC and ETH price indexes to search function

BTC and ETH appear to be the only two cryptocurrencies with price charts at the time of writing. Other top cryptocurrencies, including Musk's beloved...

BTC price ignores US PCE data at $16.8K as Bitcoin rejects volatility

There was a flash of volatility around the opening of Wall Street on December 23 as the latest US inflation data came in in...

GBTC ‘elevator to hell’ sees Bitcoin spot price approach 100% premium

GBTC problems are piling up after FTX In the latest bout of nerves to hit the bitcoin industry since the fall of FTX, the price...

Bitcoin bear market 70% dip kills BTC ‘tourists’ as metric screams buy

In a tweet dated December 14, the co-founder of the trading group DecenTrader referred to the potential maximum risk returns for Bitcoin at current...

US election agency approves use of NFTs as campaign fundraising incentive

The US Federal Election Commission (FEC) has issued an advisory opinion that DataVault Holdings may use non-perishable tokens in its fundraising efforts. In a Dec....


BTC price hits new December low as Bitcoin dips 2% with...

$16,500 stands as support as bitcoin price fluctuates Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD dropping to $16,736 on Bitstamp, a level not...