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Did Satoshi choose to publish Bitcoin’s whitepaper on Halloween as another...

Satoshi Nakamoto announced Bitcoin on an encrypted mailing list this Halloween 2008. It might be a pointless coincidence, but when we consider the overall...
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Spikes in gas prices slowing growth of new NFT marketplaces

The startup founder said high gasoline prices have become a problem for the NFT (non-exchangeable token) markets, especially as they appear to be expanding. Sean...

Bitcoin price: Why $14K looks eerily similar to $700 during the 2016 election

While most investors and traders expected significant volatility during the election period, little happened. Bitcoin (BTC) price remains relatively stable and fluctuates below the...

Blockchain can be a cryptographic tool for nuclear disarmament: Study

Researchers at the Center for Security Research and Research at King's College London have turned to an analysis of “apolitical” solutions to nuclear disarmament. A...

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MicroStrategy completes $650 million bond sale to finance next Bitcoin purchase

MicroStrategy Corporation (MSTR), a leading business intelligence firm, announced Friday that it has raised $ 650 million in convertible bonds to fund further Bitcoin...

The company that coined the term ‘hash rate’ is not concerned about its recent...

Although bitcoin (BTC) hash rates have dropped dramatically in recent weeks, research head Garrick Hillman is not a cause for concern. Blockchain .com was...

‘Every downturn in history has ended in an upturn’ — Acorns CEO

The Acorns Investing app aims to help people increase savings and wealth, but what does the market risk factor in the equation mean? CEO...

Google Cloud bets on EOS blockchain, venturing further into crypto

Blockchain is at a critical turning point as it evolves from a new technology into a useful business tool that companies want to integrate...

As Bitcoin rises above $41K, can Coinbase keep up with the rally?

Coinbase is in the spotlight when Bitcoin (BTC) rose to $ 41,000 after recovering slightly after more than $ 40,000 on Thursday. The US cryptocurrency...


Voyager crypto broker set to open to Europe after LGO merger

Crypto broker Voyager has merged with LGO, a European business-focused digital asset exchange. LGO CEO Hugo Renaudin told Cointelegraph: "LGO and Voyager will join forces...

Source: CoinTelegraph